Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Come with Christ --
From the Cradle to the Cross...

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 n the dark before Christmas....

In the dark before Easter...

There is a way to keep company with Jesus,

A way to begin unforgettable traditions through Advent, Lent and the Days of Easter, 

that invites the whole family into the  Light of Christ.

Seventeen-year-old Caleb Voskamp works with his five siblings to carefully craft the one-of-a-kind The Cradle to the Cross Wreath, which invites families to keep company with Jesus on ...

  • the journey of Mary with Child on a donkey travelling to Bethlehem through the 24 days of Advent
  • the journey of Jesus carrying a cross to Calvary through the 40 days of Lent (candle wreath extensions included)
  • (optional -- the wreath may be used to mark the next 40 days, from Easter Sunday to the Ascension of Christ, marking each day either with the movement of a candle, or a self-made paper butterfly, flower etc...)

Celebrate His Coming to the Cradle: Advent

Celebrate His Coming to the Cross: Lent



Celebrate His Coming to Conquer: Ascension





How to Use the Cradle to the Cross Wreath

If you too are looking for a tangible , deeply meaningful family tradition... to prepare hearts for both Advent and Lent and the Days of Easter --- for years and years to come -- perhaps this wreath helps your family?

For each of the 24 days of Advent, the candle proceeds through the spiral wreath, Mary, swollen with Savior, following.

Come Lent, this same oak wreath then extends to a 40 candle-holder markings, making the profound and visible connection for of the miracle of the God-with-us of Christmas to the cosmic redemption of Easter.

Each evening, the candle proceeds one more day around the 40 day journey through Lent, the symbol of Christ carrying the Cross -- and all our Grace-Hope -- towards Calvary.

The wreath set, to celebrate the two most important holidays of the Christian faith, includes both the the symbol of Mary with Child and Jesus carrying the Cross, each pieces crafted out of solid red oak and which Caleb has finished in linseed oil.

(In addition, the wreath set, extended to its 40 days length, may also be used to mark the Days of Easter, the 40 days from Easter Sunday to His Ascension to Heaven -- as a family, create your own marker, a butterfly, a small flower, or use a candle again.... That Christ is risen needs a whole season of celebrating! Let us be His witnesses!)

It's our quiet prayer that celebrating with this unique heirloom that directly connects Christmas to Easter to Ascension might be a torch of Christ-light to pass on for generations, making family faith memories, year after year.

Caleb's crafted The Cradle to the Cross Wreath set: $84.99.00 USD
(candle diameter required to fit candle holes: 3/4 of an inch) 
Made of red oak and stained with linseed oil   
Please confirm that the mailing address you currently have listed in PayPal is correct, as this is the address that the wreath is shipped to, and we'd love to make sure the wreath arrives at your doorstep.   
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We humbly pray The Cradle to the Cross Wreath may bless your family... as it has deeply blessed ours. Nightly gathering to move the candle one day ahead... move our symbol of Christ closer... to read Scripture together, sing hymns, pray, as the candles flicker -- this has been a bonding, God-glorifying tradition for us that we look forward to each evening throughout the hallowed seasons of Advent and Lent.

So... from our hearts and home.... to yours.

May we all walk together in the Light of Christ -- from the cradle to the Cross.


How our family uses the wreath during Advent

The story of how our family uses the wreath during Lent